Trang thông tin điện tử tổng hợp


2/14/2020 - 11:03 AM
After 4 months of internship in Hong Ha, the students of Thai Khon Kaen University imparted a lot of new knowledge and first hand experiences through working on-site at animal feed factory and farm.

Following the success of the cooperation program of internships of Hong Ha and Khon Kaen University for the first time in 2018, this year the excellent students of Khon Kaen University continue to have 4 months of study and working at factories and farms of Hong Ha JSC.

The internship program is divided into two main bands which are to explore the activities at Hong Ha's Quality Control Division and the experimental farm. In those locations, the students have the opportunity to interact and work practically in each specific position and profession under the close guidance of specialized staff. Sutthida Saengseengam, one of the 4 Khon Kaen University students participating in this internship, said: “Although there are language restrictions, Hong Ha and the students are very enthusiastic in supporting and giving the instructions, as well as providing the specialized professional materials to us. In this internship, we have learned a lot more than we had expected from the first time coming to Vietnam. ”


Four Khon Kaen university students participated in an internship program in Hong Ha in 2019


Mr. Nguyen Hoang Hai - Head of Research and Development highly appreciated the efforts of the students during the internship. With the available knowledge combined with the practical experience, they have shown themselves excellent, especially in sharing and reporting their study papers.


Mr. Nguyen Hoang Hai - Head of R&D Department in his evaluation of the internship results


To bid a fond farewell to the Thai students, Hong Ha organized a small party and gave souvenirs to them, hopefully 4 month duration was enough to save the beautiful memories and feelings with them. Hong Ha JSC wishes the students to complete their studies successfully and achievement in the future. The Company hopes to welcome the students again in Hong Ha where they could have a job and make their contribution.


Hong Ha representatives join the farewell party with Khon Kaen University students