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2/14/2020 - 11:22 AM
On 12/12/2019, Mr.Claude – a French production specialist had a meeting with Hong Ha staff on the topic of improving the production capacity.

On 12/12/2019, Mr.Claude – a French production specialist had a meeting with Hong Ha on the topic of improving production capacity. The operational principle of Hong Ha is "Real quality, authentic efficiency" and to maintain this for many years is the result of a strict control process in production. Each production stage is performed strictly, safely and accurately.

Not only that, improving productivity and reducing costs are always a problem that Hong Ha JSC is constantly looking for more creative solutions.



The meeting participants focused on practical problems encountered in the production process in Hong Ha, from which to discuss and propose solutions and approaches. Dealing with detailed issues, the expert Claude would advise in detail later with each specific section. Especially in this training program, the expert also advised on solutions to improve the productivity of countries in the world as well as other units in the same sector in Vietnam, comparing and associating with the current operating method in Hong Ha JSC. According to Mr. Claude "Currently, the coordination between production, engineering and other departments in Hong Ha's factory is being practiced smoothly, closely linked and interacted to create favorable conditions for the production process and resulting in high efficiency. This is one of the basic factors before exploring more specialized aspects".

The process of regular cooperation with foreign experts such as Mr. Claude – a French expert, in order to bring innovative thinking, modern methods to apply to production practices at Hong Ha's factories. The ultimate goal is to create the best quality products to be sold at reasonable prices for farmers.