Trang thông tin điện tử tổng hợp


2/14/2020 - 11:31 AM
On the topic of Transition, Hong Ha's factories organized a year-end party last week, summarizing its 2019 activities with a warm atmosphere and say no to alcoholic beverages.

As usual, the year-end party is always an indispensable program, as a milestone marking the transition between the old and new year in Hong Ha. Unlike other years, Hong Ha's year-end party this year responds to Decree 100 of the Government, no alcoholic beverages for drinking did not reduce the atmosphere of the bustle and joy of the Tet holidays. The year-end program this year had more colors with the performances by Hong Ha staff that are elaborately and methodically staged, though it was homegrown but no less professionally artistic.


Dance performance "Shining Spring Happiness" "- Staff of Hong Ha Binh Dinh


The Choir "Red Winged Sail” performed by the business team named “Steel Legion” moniker.


This is the first year Hong Ha honored all employees who have accompanied Hong Ha's development with a seniority of more than 5 years, acknowledging their contributions. Over a journey of more than 17 years of formation and development, Hong Ha has achieved many successes on the remarkable milestones in Vietnam's agricultural sector. To achieve that success is the journey of thousands of people with burning passionate through days and nights. The honoring ceremony is therefore not only an opportunity to look back on the past journey with remarkable prides but also an opportunity for Hong Ha to honor the people who have always dedicated and relentlessly devoted to the Company.


Employees accompanying for the development of Hong Ha are honored


Employees with good achievements in 2019 are honored

The party ended in a warm, happy and joyful atmosphere with the lucky gifts given through the lucky draw. Gifts with many values, denoting the good luck and prosperity for the new year. This moment of transition is the premise and great motivation for every employee of Hong Ha to be ready for a bright, far-reaching new year, ready to devote themselves in the new year and joyfully welcome of Tet holiday when the Year of the Rat is coming.


Contingent of Hong Ha Binh Dinh factory